Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday Morning.

Tony was awake at 500 a.m. this morning. It seems he has a new habit to astound and annoy his parents.

I have thinking about the subjunctive mood and the pluperfect tense. I was reading a Latin grammar, that for whatever reason I had brought from Canada to China. The Wikipedia entries for the two grammar terms are very helpful.

Thinking about the images I saw yesterday of baby seals being clubbed, I recall the times I have seen chickens getting their throats slit here in China.

I watched the first forty five minutes of Yankee Doodle Dandy starring James Cagney last night. I have always thought of Cagney as the "You, dirty rat!" person. I was surprised to seem him dance, and dance very well in this musical. Still, something about Cagney puts me off. Astaire and Groucho Marx and Steve McQueen have a quality to them that no one else seems able to bring to the screen. Cagney, while talented, is the sort that makes one wish he was less talented. It is hard to explain.

'Sexiest Swimsuit Model' Joanna Krupa Inspired by Pope John Paul II's Views on Nudity.

Let's go boating on the Grand Canal.

I am no modern day shaman.

The Annunciation. I learned something this morning.

Another good blog.

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