Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wednesday, about noonish or so.

I am under expressed orders not to be on the computer this afternoon, so I will have to be quick. I may have to do a quick publish without doing the spell-check and look-over so pardon any Eros you may encounter in this entry.

I tried to organize my closet this morning. The problem is that I have too many clothes and not enough space. So, I have done the sensible thing and quit - no point in wasting time trying to build character.

Tony almost said "A,B,C" this morning. What he said sounded like "Ah, Bay, Zeeggh".

Looking at the numbers, I see that March is already the best month for readership ever at AKIC blogspot. Thank you, rare readers. I hope that I have upset or elated you, but never made you indifferent.

My kid brother living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada tells me about the table manners of a Chinese co-worker, asking for insight. "It is what they do." I tell him.

I just spelled my son's butt. "Pew!" said the churchgoer.

I am enjoying catching up with H.

I haven't had a chance to see what dumb things President Oprah is up to today. I do have a prediction. I am reading about these potential floods in the state of North Dakota. In '97, they had floods and of course President Clinton paid a visit to show he cared. I suppose Oprah will do the same thing and they will contrast his response to disaster as much more caring and competent than the job W did with Katrina...

I got to go!!!!

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Anonymous said...

W still doesn't know about Katrina, and I'd rather not wake him up.