Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Time.

Rare reader Steve tells me I have hit the big time. It seems that my little entry about Morrissey and Philip Larkin was mentioned in an article in the New Criterion. Here is the entry: I am at least one blogger.

Meanwhile, on the home front, the wife speaks to me again. Light has returned to the K household. I know I have to weather my wife's moods. Especially since she has been stuck in the house with Tony all this time because of the rain. I even tell myself to wait. But the waiting is still tough.

There is an exercise in one of the classes we teach where we ask the students to tell us one person they would bring back from the dead. Often they tell me they would bring back a dead grandparent they didn't really know. (I can say that for I don't remember my mother's father) Sometimes, they tell me about a person who died tragically. I then have to canvass them for a famous person they would bring back. As an example, I tell them I would bring back Chairman Mao to find out what he would make the New China. Many students like this so much that they agree and don't think of any others. A few taking my bait, say they would bring back Deng Xiao Peng, the great reformer. One student, in all this time, has talked of bringing back Bruce Lee. Last night, I asked about the possibility of bring back Zhong Shan aka Sun Yat Sen. One student said that he is not so popular these days, having been the founder of the KMT. I look at Zhong Shan as a false start in Chinese history. But he did die prematurely.

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