Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Night and Everything's All Right!

  • I took another photo of my son having a drink. In this photo, he is drinking his own drink.

  • I want to blog but I have no good purpose. I will have to make stuff up.

  • I had students interested when I was talking about the capital gains tax..... Sorry, I already talked about that.

  • I did have a student tell me about North Korea. He found China's position on it strange. He agreed that it would be better for all Koreans if South Korea beat North Korea in a war. However, he didn't think China wanted that. He agreed with me that China would prefer North Korea as a buffer state between it and the American zone in East Asia.

  • Someone I know had to go to the hospital yesterday because he or maybe she got a piece of meat stuck in the throat.

  • The movie High Noon resonated with the students who did go to my movie class yesterday. One student appreciated the Marshall's loyalty to the home town.

  • Everything is so all right that I don't know what to blog about. Sometimes, one blogs better when righteously indignant (not angry) as I justifiably am.

  • I am one of the twitterati.

  • The maggot from Australia is in Wuxi, China. That is all I know.

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