Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Company Wednesday.

I have no incredible insights to offer you about China or the world or life. I just report the little that happened to me today and may happen tomorrow.

I now have a pretty comfortable routine to get home from school in the evening. I catch a bus on which I can always get a seat. When I get to the bus's terminal stop, I de-board and am greeted enthusiastically by a mini cab driver who knows me well. The driver drives to my apartment like a mad man running lights when it is practical to do so. At the apartment complex, he drives me right to the entrance of my building. I pay him a fare my wife negotiated and he happily goes on his way.

And tonight, I was happy to get home unlike last night when I was in the midst of being in my wife's doghouse. Tony was asleep when I got home (1000 PM) which is earlier than the past two nights when he finally drifted off about midnight.

What is Fascism? I ask this question rhetorically. Rare Reader James says I am a Fascist of sorts because I like reading Ayn Rand. George Orwell said that the use of the word "Fascist" had come to mean disagreeable and that other than that the word was meaningless. F.A. Hayek said Fascism and Communism were competing strains of Socialism both opposed to the free-market capitalism that Rand glorifies in her novels.

Tonight, I continued to watch the China 1972 documentary filmed by Italians. There is an interesting part where the film crew comes across a huge crowd of people. The government handlers didn't want the crew to stop but they jumped out of a vehicle. This crowd of people wasn't protesting. In fact, they were conferring among themselves. Why would the government handlers object to the filming? The reason the people were all together was to trade goods on a fringe private market that the authorities disapproved off but let operate because it was marginal.

The entrepreneurial hustle I see of the common Wuxi people shows how right Ayn Rand is.

And before I forget. Tomorrow is Company Wednesday: I will go to Seagate and Littel Fuse tomorrow for classes.

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