Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Morning.

Yucky morning here, for lack of better words. I was hoping that somehow I didn't have to be at work till eleven today but I do have to go at ten. But checking my schedule, I see that it isn't so.

I have been told that sales of apartments in my neck of the woods of Wuxi have increased recently because the prices are cheap compared to other parts of the city. And there are a lot of apartments for sale here.

I hear word that there are three Carrefours in Wuxi. The third is near the new sports centre. I may get to check it out next week.

How do I keep this blog going regularly everyday? This entry is only taking ten minutes of my time at most. I can spare ten minutes a day. Also, Uploading videos and photos to this blog is dead easy. So, blogging is not so onerous for me.

Our maid comes in fifteen minutes. I have packed a lunch. My clothes are pressed. All I have to do is prepare a bottle for Tony....

And slug through the rain to get to the bus stop where I may have to stand for forty minutes to get to work.

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