Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night.

It is Sunday night and it is time for a fight! But what to fight?

Sunday was an uncanny day for seeing accidents. In the morning I first saw the aftermath of a bus having rear-ended a taxi. The results of the collision weren't serious. But the taxi and bus stopped in the middle of a busy intersection near the Baoli shopping mall blocked traffic. The maneuvering of traffic around the accident scene as well as the blaring of horns was something to behold. The piece de la resistance was just my just being able to catch two taxis collide on Zhongshan Road near the school as I went to catch a bus home. One taxi broadsided the other. I heard a skidding of tires and saw the moment of impact. No one was hurt but both taxis were rendered out of commission. The collision was the most jarring that I have seen in my time in Wuxi. I then saw another collision aftermath at the intersection near Baoli. A taxi rear-ended a car this time heading in the same direction as the taxi and bus were in the morning.

I asked some students about Obama and the North Koreans. They told me that the Nork leader was nuts and nothing could be had by talking to him, even nicely. He would keep acting crazy, and promise to stop if given more rice. How do you break that vicious cycle? You can't let the Norks have nukes. (I said that 'cause I like the sound of the two N's.)

Tony brings a cup to his mother in the kitchen. Why? So she can refill it with juice for him. A small thing but it is the first time I have seen him do that. Witnessing your own child make progress is enjoyable.

Chesterton said that to an older child, it is fascinating to open a door and learn there is a dragon inside. To a young child, he said, it is fascinating to just open a door and see whatever is inside. A parent is enthralled by seeing a young child open a door.

Tony is trying to eat an Apple which leads me to ask if he can eat bananas. The wife tells me he can't.

This is a site worth exploring: The Russell Kirk Center.

This morning, the best place to be on the crowded bus, if you had to stand, was behind the driver in a corner near the front seat. Facing straight ahead, I could watch traffic and only have one elbow in my back.

It is the USA and Japan and Korea still left in the running at the World Baseball Classic. I say Go America and Japan and Korea!

Gonzaga has made it to the final sixteen in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.


Anonymous said...

So you did get married in China...I hope you are very happy Andis, you so very much deserved it.

Andis Kaulins said...



Send me an email. I have been trying to get a hold of you over the years.

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