Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trudeau and Obama.

Pierre Trudeau provokes certain reactions from people who can remember the time he was Prime Minister of Canada from the late 1960s to early 1980s. Some idolize him and want to name mountains after him. Others spit at the mention of his name.

I put myself in the latter category. Trudeau was a bastard. It was an insult to many an immigrant who escaped persecution to come to Canada that he would be friends with Fidel Castro. In fact, my relatives had to flee from Latvia, with no time to pack, from people of Castro's ilk. To people who defend Trudeau because "he had a vision", I say so did Hitler. To people who defend him because "of his vision for Canada", I say his vision was statist and a repudiation of what is good about Canada. Trudeau was ultimately a man stuck in a country that was too small for his ego.

This article in the American Thinker comparing Trudeau and Obama causes me to make the previous pronouncements. David Warren, a Canadian columnist, has noted similarities between Trudeau and Obama. Now that an American can see the similarities, I can only hope that enough Americans can realize the peril they are in.

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