Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tony Milestones.

Tony makes history. And I will tell you how in use the language of the speechifying of MLK and BHO:

Rare Readers!
I have something to tell you!
I have tremendous news to bring to you!
Let clarions ring from the mountains and forests of British Columbia to the plains of Manitoba.
Let the news be spread from the Beaches of Los Angeles to the Everglades of Florida to the seats of the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx.
Let it ring high!
Let it ring low!
Tell the world in falsetto!
The tremendous news.
Ring bells to wake people and light firecrackers to ease them from the lethargy, from the Great Wall of China to the Economic Development Zone of Hui Shan City in Wuxi.
Tell the world that Tony rode on an the electric bicycle and also put a wrapper, instead of my wallet, in the garbage!

The Electricity bill was something fierce today. Ouch!

On the bus today, I was the last possible person who could board. The driver, closing the door, had to make three attempts before I could squeeze myself in properly. I stood on the lowest step of the entrance to the bus for about ten minutes. Because the bus was so full, the driver could not open the door to let any more passengers on.

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