Friday, March 13, 2009

The Bus was late.

I had to wait half an hour for the bus after work tonight. I got home twenty minutes later than usual. When I got home, the wife was angry with me because I didn't answer the phone. Wondering where I was, she phoned me four times. I had left my mobile on silent and couldn't feel the vibration of her calls because the motorcycle taxi I took gave me a very rough ride.

My son was asleep when I arrived home. I wish he could fall asleep ten minutes after I arrive home. I need him to greet me when I get home. It makes my day when he does.

I had a class with a student whose home province was Guaizho. When she first said Guaizho, I thought the was talking of a city in Jiangsu. I didn't realize it was a province. Looking on my map of China, I see it is near Sichuan and Yunnan. This student must surely be the first Guaizhoren I have ever meet.

There was this idiot who made very rude comments on my Youtube videos. For whatever reason, I tolerated him. His comments were so rude that they said more about him than whatever thing he was trying to say toward me. But today, he crossed a line and I blocked him. Fomiz, I don't know who you are but I have a good idea what your I.Q. is.

China is worried about U.S. treasury holdings. The Chinese who call Bush a war-monger will wish him back as President when they see the damage that President Oprah will do to their dollar holdings. And watch some racism emerge...

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el pipio said...

fomiz sounds like a frustrated cuckolded laughable loser.

Don't get me wrong, you have your issues too, but thankfully not like that freak. We can all laugh at that clown.