Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Night.

A happy Saturday night for me. I am at home. My son is running around the house causing trouble. I am listening to Radio Derb.

Tony, I am proud to tell you, has a scratch on his face because (I quote his mother) he was kissing the washing machine. I hope he learns a lesson of some sorts.

Tony is now drinking his mother's ice tea.

I showed some Bugs Bunny cartoons to my movie class Saturday afternoon. The students seemed to enjoy them. They had never seen Looney Tunes before, telling me the cartoons reminded them of Tom and Jerry. One student at a class, a teacher at a primary school, said she was going to show the cartoons to her students for Easter. She reasoned that because Bugs Bunny is a rabbit which is an Easter animal, the cartoons featuring the wascally rabbit would be perfect for that holiday. I thank that student for reminding about Easter. I want to prepare for the holiday this year, for once.

More Is Ayn Rand Relevant? This time from NRO.

It is funny to watch Tony dodge and weave to avoid being fed that disagrees with his palate.

For the umpteenth thousandth time, The Wizard of Oz DVD is being played for the enjoyment of Master Tony. The link provided is to a BBC article that claims Oz is an economic allegory or parable - a real stretch if you ask me.

After reading this article about George Bush, I guess you would have to say that President Oprah is much better. Here is a passage from the article:

Should we laugh or cry over this inept Texas bunch?” wrote the New York Times’s Bob Herbert. “Let me get this straight: The British prime minister comes to Washington. Bush and his Texas yahoos haven’t got a clue about protocol. They snub him at the airport, humiliate him while at the White House — and give him some cheap DVDs as a going-away present. So much for Texas hospitality!”

What an idiot Bush is! Everybody knows that DVDs from the US don't work in the UK.

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