Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Night Headlines.

No Class
The K family went to Baoli Wednesday Evening.  Andis witnessed a pair of males walk into the mall with no shirts on.
On the cobbled surface of the lane near Casa K, Andis saw two leavings of vomit.  Did two individuals get sick on account of food they must have eaten somewhere, or did one person get sick two times?  The Vomit was mostly cleared away in two days, however a permanent stain seems to have been left on the cobbled surface which Andis is sure to superstitiously avoid for the rest of his days.
The playgrounds they have at KFC and McDonald's are very popular.  Tony likes to play at them.  However, Andis can help but think how many times some undiapered child has urinated in them.  He prefers Tony continue to play on....
At Baoli, they have these escalators designed to carry shopping carts.  Tony loves to run up and down these escalators' flat surfaces.  Wednesday night, he overcame any fear he had of getting on or off them without Daddy's health.  And he made about fifteen trips up and down them.  Two times, Daddy played a trick on Tony by letting him get on himself, and then waving bye-bye to him.  Tony, unsure of what to do, would try to run down the upward moving escalator.  One time, Tony was all the way to the top, but seeing Dad was still at the bottom, he decided to run all the way down. almost making it before he ran out of momentum.
Car hits Electric Bike
If someone in the K family had looked left sooner, they would have seen a car hit an electric bike.  As it was, they were able to see the cyclist still straddling the flipped-over bike.  What apparently happened was that the car driver was trying to get through a yellow light.
Hot on the Bus
It was hot on the One RMB non-air-conditioned bus this evening.  I sweated, pardon the cliche, like a pig.
Shui Shui Bing Bing
Wode Fayin Bu Hao!  Some staff member at Carrefour didn't understand what I meant when I tried to ask her where the ice lollie thingees were.
Elsi and Mister Elsi
I saw Elsi and her husband Doctor Mister Elsi when I was at Baoli Wednesday Evening.  They were on the third floor by HOLA.  It looked like the couple was accompanied by  Mister Elsi's parents.  Mister Elsi sure looked to be a dead ringer for the older guy.
TYOT an Astounding Success!
Wuxiandis claims the Two Years of Tony Festival slash Gala has been an astounding success of historical proportions.  Asked what proof he had of this, wuxiandis told the questioner to K.H.A. and then proceeded to punch, kick, and slap the individual before finally doing him in by serving him a cup of Tai Lake Water.  "Listen you bastards!  What is wrong with you?  What part of historical proportions don't you understand?  Other galas are planned and there is always the unfulfilled hope that they will relive the glory of the previous galas.  But the TYOT is a one-off that was not predicted by any of the so-called experts who were using  all the latest sophisticated statistical and risk models.  Stop being such dimwits!" said wuxiandis.

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