Friday, August 28, 2009

Headlines for Friday, August 28.

Mild Traffic Troubles
I want to tell you about two mishaps I saw Friday morning, if you don't mind.  If you do, you can scan down to the next headline.  But if you are interested, I thank you for carrying on with this particular story.  You are a gentleman and a scholar, or the nearest possible honorary female equivalent there is, if you happen to be female that is. (Pardon the long windiness of this story but that is how it is.  I mean that is how I write.  The what of the how being long windedness which is the what is).

These two mishaps happened on my scooter ride to work.  I first saw a motorcycle just as it had fallen on its' side.  Why it had done so was a mystery to me.  I saw the rider pull himself up and then a women with helmet pull herself up (I see a lot of people pulling themselves up in traffic - rarely see them get knocked down.).  I couldn't determine if she was a passenger on the motorcycle or was riding a bike of her own.  For the light turned green and I didn't want to be a Lookie-Lou  or a Kan-Kan-Kong.  I had to move on.  Be careful, I said to myself, you don't want to be a similar situation pulling yourself and the bike up from the pavement.  Beware!  Be Vigilant!  .  And then I came to this this T-shaped intersection which is rather strange to navigate through.   The top line of the "T" has two paths - one for the cars and one for the bikes.  That is the line I was proceeding along this morning.  There are lights at the intersection.  But a green light for bikes doesn't ensure you will get safe passage through the intersection because vehicles will keep coming through the intersection to make left and right turns.  So, you have to wait for a break in the line of turning vehicles before you can get through.  This morning, I was in a you-are-going-to-stop-for-me mood, and so I drifted too far in the path of the turning vehicles.  I was stranded for 30 seconds as the vehicles kept on moving around me, not one of them yielding.  I saw a break but I started off a bit too early and so hit the back of a motorcycle taxi.  The thud of the collision appeared to be nothing but a thud, and so I carried on.

A Book about Ted
My school's library has a book about Ted Kennedy.  It is not a full biography.  It is the memoirs of a man who worked before Ted Kennedy for ten years.  In the jacket, this is said:  {The author} dies not shrink from confronting his own faults and he is time for (Kennedy) to confront his.  Could be an interesting read.

Random Streaming Thoughts of Wuxi Sexpat
Wuxi Sexpat walking the street.  Oooh Baby!!!  You know what I like!  Do you want to see the Big Whopper!  Yozza!  Yozza!  Hello Beautiful!  Ni Hen Piaoleng!  Wo ai ni!  Wo xiang ni ai wo!  Kissy Kissy.  Look at that woman!  I don't like her gait.  Must be a countryside gait.  Stiff, lacking in sensuousness.  she will do if all else fails.  Must remember not to go through the front door of the Pink Light places.  Look at that one!  Her shorts are being eaten.  I wonder if she shaves.  I wish they did.  If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?  How to get a Visa?  I want to stay here forever.  No love at home.  Not like here that is for sure.  Look at the drug sore.  Oh my God!  Viagra is on special!  I hope it isn't fake.  There is a new girl working at the bar!  I like the way she wears her hair.  I wonder how old she is.  I gots to get her drunk...  A little of Monica in my hair!  A little of Jia Wai in my whey!  And then there is Rita!  Bop!  Bop!

Back to School
Next Monday, the students return to school.  One student has told me she has tests on her first day back.  Her school wants to see that she and her classmates have done  their summer homework.  Most of the students  have told me that their summer vacation was ruined by too much homework. (Of course, for many of students this meant less time to play video games - so this moaning should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Tony rises Early and has Beginner's Luck
My son Tony, who is currently in Beixing with Jenny, was up at 530 this morning.  What could my wife do?  She took him for a walk - a good time to go.  She took him to the neighbour's house where there are pool tables and a slot machine.  Tony put a rmb coin in the machine and won 16.5 rmb.  The money was spent on those little rides that kids like - Tony was able to be on the machine all day.
Uneventable Ride Home
My scooter ride home tonight was uneventable.  I didn't even pass an event.  I didn't see people sleeping on roads or roofs.  I didn't see any accident aftermaths.
It probably means there will be a lot tomorrow. 
I will take the electric bike to work tomorrow.  Since Jenny won't be using it, I can.  And I don't feel like taking the bus - too crowded on the weekends it is.
Bad Sign:  there were parking spots in the place I park and recharge my bike.  I had to pull out the extension cord to plug the bike in.

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