Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been Reading Ulysses...

Please note, rare readers-of and glancers-at this blog that I have been reading James Joyce's Ulysses the last three nights.  The novel is difficult and obscure at times to read, but it is undeniably a piece of art.  Unfortunately, it encourages many to try to emulate it by writing tripe in ungrammatical and even more obscure ways without the skill.  That is what I will be doing the next little while.  I will start trying to write in the stream of consciousness method employed by Joyce in the novel's opening chapters:

Shouldn't I throw this underwear away?  The band is busted.  Still, good to wear at night so I can save good pairs for the day.  I would be smart, I would be happy if I only had a brain!  KoW not sexy at all?  Couldn't be!  His Pattonesque physique reeks of sexuality and power.  Forgot to go to First Things.  I know not the First Thang.  I mean I don't know the Firsty Thirsty Wirsty Thangee Thingee.  I hope Tony doesn't touch my mobile again.  I love Pie - something that Larry King would tweeter.  KoW has a fetish for apple sauce with his pork chops.  Mmmm!  Pork Chops!  Why can't the wife make that?  Bread it and bake it!  Heaven!  Don't need the apple sauce.  Don't need to get sauced.  Why is it that Tony can press the eject button, but not the play button?  Where to put the comma?  Before the ,but or after the but,?  In the Iliad, the soldiers all got spears in the nipples.  That, I suppose, was good shooting, or should I say good spearing?  He hardens his heart while at the same time plaguing his people with locusts and whatnot.  Makes more sense if man was plain stubborn to begin with.  The new lieutenant governor of Manitoba is Chinese.  Misty Manitoba Morning!  No good songs about Manitoba.  Maybe I should make up the lyrics.  Someone else can make the music.  Don't ask KoW.  He has artistic sensibilities of wannabe wallaby.  People from Oz are animalists or naturists?  Probably bad roomies.  -Honey!  Can you give me a hand?  -K says, "but of course my little leapshoe!".  -"Get off the computer!"  -"Awright!"

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