Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photos taken around Wuxi

This photo was taken from my school. My school overlooks this arc-shaped court yard in which I have seen businesses come and go. A tea house has just recently started operations and so I have been seeing the staff receive directives from the management. As you can see below, the staff has formed a perfect circle. The staff is also standing at attention. I have seen Wuxi businesses where the staff have stood at attention in straight military ranks. Try getting staff in Canada to do this.

I have found a new route to take my electric bike to work. So, more new sights and experiences for me (and for you rare reader).

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Orient Express said...

Like your Baby Up Bringing captures.
On a different topic, I'm forming an opinion that Obama will become added to the list of the most banal
and forgettable occupiers of the Oval Office - ever!!
(or do you think I ought to give him time to do something productive?). It takes more than his grandiloquent rhetoric to fulfill the role he is in.

Andis Kaulins said...

I am glad you like the WTUs. Ahem. Express Orient.

Obama is banal. But that there can be no doubt. And I am glad to see the me and you are on this point clear perfect.

My hero says the best Presidents of the U.S.A. would have all their work done by noon, if that. Then the rest of the day they would get drunk or take naps. Productive? No, but no damage is being caused.

If Obama decided to become a pimp or Barry White, and gave up his legislative agenda, he could be a President a libertarian-conservative could admire. "Do you remember that Obama guy who turned the White House into the projects. He didn't do anything to damage the country at large..." Dare to dream!

Unfortunately, he will be memorable. Some of it will because he is the first "one". Secondly, because people will use his presidency to further indict Americans on charges of Racism.