Monday, August 31, 2009

Staying Over Night.

Beixing Travel Plans
I will be staying over night in Beixing on Tuesday.  My wife says I can relax.  I don't know about that, but I will bring some books to pass the time.  If it don't rain, Tony and I will go for some walks and I will record some WTUs.  So no blogging for 36 hours. 

Tony can ride a Tricycle
Jenny informs me that Tony can ride a tricycle of the pedaled variety.  She says he is very good at it.  The wife had borrowed a tricycle from a neighbor and Tony took to it in a big way.  He cried when they tried to return.  And so the wife bought him one of his own.
Under her Thumb
A prominent Wuxi Expat has admitted that his Chinese girlfriend has him under her thumb.  Sounds like he is almost married.

Swing Time 1936
I have found another Astaire-Rodgers Flick on

Works in Progress
I am working on my Taking the Bus Work stream of though prose piece.  Stay tuned to this AKIC channel.  It will one day be posted.
Your reporter was regaled with another tale of citizens fighting security guard.  At our apartment complex, cars, not of the complex, can be charged hourly for parking.  One motorist not happy with this decided to beat up one of the security guards.  This reporter sympathizes with the security guard - he was just doing what he was told.  The driver would have been better advised to beat up management.  Or I should say, take it up with management.
Savages with Cars
Our apartment complex has paths (roads) for cars and pathways for pedestrians (sidewalks).  As well, it has plenty of underground parking.  I have been told that some people in our complex have driven their cars on the sidewalks in order to park their cars in front of their apartments.  To get around the barriers that have placed in front of the sidewalks, the drivers drove on grass.
Jenny wants to get her driver's license
Jenny wants to get her driver's license in Beixing.  The price of a course there is about the quarter of the price in Wuxi.  If Jenny does decide to do this, she and Tony would be in the countryside for a month.

What do I know?
  • Family beats being at the house alone.
  • I love my wife's cooking.  I love the little pleasures it brings every now and then.
  • The Earth isn't flat.
  • The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1971.
  • There is one thing worse than not getting what you want, and that is getting it handed to you, gratis, on a silver platter.
  • Actions have consequences.  And so does inaction.
  • The KoW can be a nice fellow sometimes.
  • Stewart still works at the Blue Bar.
  • Some other prominent Wuxi Expat has has the clap making this person the fifth one that I know of.
  • The grass is always greener and conversely, browner everywhere else.

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