Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Early Wednesday A.M. Headlines.

Tony obeys an Order from Dad.
Tony made himself very useful to his father Tuesday afternoon.  Realizing that he had neglected to bring a towel to dry himself with after his shower, Tony's father asked his son to bring  a towel from the bedroom closet.  The son of Andis made his father's day by going to the closet and coming back with a towel. 
Andis plans next to ask Tony to go to the small store and buy his some beer and smokes.
Beixing for lunch
I will be going for Beixing, not Beijing, for lunch Wednesday.  It will mean six hours on the bus, as I accompany Jenny and Tony to Beixing.  I am needed to carry some things.  The trip of my wife and son to Beixing will then mean six days by myself in Wuxi as my wife plans to toilet-train Tony in a countryside setting.

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