Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Night at Casa Kaulins

  • My son Tony has fallen asleep so, Jenny and I can relax.  Jenny is watching television, the shopping channel of course.  I am surfing and blogging.  I have looked at Seablogger.  I checked out my monthly numbers for this blog and the other.  Traffic for both has been disappointing.  In this case of this blog, being blocked in China has cut my traffic in half.  After having two record months, AKIC blogspot traffic fell to the same levels as last year.  AKIC spaces has seen traffic fall fifty percent since last year.  I attribute that decline to my favouring this blog as well as the fact that not I am circulating much these days in the Wuxi Expat community.  Also, I am just too much into my own things to be of interest to most of them.  Having children is not a life style they are interested in.
  • I don't know many details about that Beer Summit that took place at the White House between Obama, Gates, and Officer Crowley.  I did see a picture of Gates at the White House walking with the assistance of a cane.  The whole idea of a Kumbaya get-together brings out the cynic in me, as I am sure it did for many thoughtful observers.  Seeing Gates with a cane, I can't help but think what more of a prick he would be if he had other more serious infirmities, like an amputated leg, or was confined to a wheel chair.  Clearly, the professor is a grievance monger, but the photo of him with the cane was taken to make him appear the victim and somehow magnanimous.  The summit wasn't about stopping racism.  Obama and Gates surely want Crowley to be apologetic and go along with their racialism (race quotas and affirmative action and anti-profiling).  If racism was ended officially, Gates would be out of a job.  (Racism is not a problem in America, so much as Racialism which I define as seeing everything in terms of race without being truly racist.  Although, truly Racism still exists among the race hustlers whose jobs depend on the perception of racism being more wide-spread than it really is)  The other purpose of the summit was to make Obama look like Jimmy Carter brokering an agreement between Sadat and Begin.  Really, a face-saving measure to cover up Obama's racist gaffe at the press conference where he spoke out of his ass, not knowing the facts of the dispute.
  • The last class of this day had two students studying in Nanjing.  Asking them if they liked Nanjing, they said didn't, much preferring Wuxi.  Many Chinese prefer their home towns to anywhere else.  Another student in that class had just graduated from a Beijing University.  Her major was International Politics.  She will start a teaching job in a month.  I always feel a slight trepidation about teaching these sorts, as in the back of my mind, I think what a fraud I am.  I am just a guy who was an indifferent student and wasted ten years of his life.
  • Sometimes, classes go off on tangents.  In a salon class where the topic was internet dating, I had but one student who told me that he like to talk about military history on the Internet.  He didn't see himself meeting a woman on the Internet who was interested in this.  So, I decided to talk about military history instead of internet daing.  We ended up  briefly talking about WW II, the Korean War, Vietnam's wars against America and China, and the Middle East.  The student had a great knowledge of military hardware and so it was the most interesting class I had in a while.

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