Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Morning!

Good morning to those of you who are reading this in the morning.  I will write a paragraph of Ulysses inspired prose in the stream-of-consciousness style.  My pores are opening.  Should I take the bike to school?  Forecast says chance of thunderstorms.  What do I see when I look outside?  A nice pace of life.  Bloom, a Jew, goes to mass.  He admires what he sees.  He thinks they have a good racket going.  Warren says he, himself is a Catholic Mystic Nut job.  Not a bad thing to be, maybe.  Tony is asleep for now.  I put a bottle beside the bed.  Jenny sleeps upside-down so as to be closer to the fan.  Sarah Palin.  Obama.  Who thinks Obama has wisdom?  Palin did more with her life if you ask me.  Obama has attitudes that are best shed - I have been forced to shed them myself through the light of experience.  What is true?  What is important?  Importance and Truth the same.  Wisdom, I have heard it said, is knowing what is important.  The clever do waste their time making skyscrapers, elaborate and tall, out of sand.  When do I get my next email installment of Wodehouse?  Do I have the time to read it or will I scan every third word?  KoW went for 45 minute walk.  How much weight did he shed?  Parasites, parasites only in government - so make government smaller, much smaller.  Need to bring lunch.  Too late.  Blue Bombers.  Yankees.  Canadiens.  Steelers.  Mean nothing out here.  Might as well say Chipmakers and Snowmen.  A Republic run by people with common-sense instead of philosopher-kings.  Latter breeds despotism.  Good thought.  Two minutes before I shut down and go off to work.  Take a week off and not follow the events of the world.  No email.  No twitter.  No blogging.  Couldn't do it.

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