Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Stuff.

  • The latest edition of the China Leadership Monitor is out!   It is a great publication for the wannabe Sinologist.
  • The King of Wuxi China Expats lived for a month on a nude beach at Crete where he was able to establish a great rapport with Cretins and Nudists.  I wonder if he played anthropologist and brought out his tape measure.
  • Three of my four classes today were duds.  It wasn't me.  I swear.  The students just were with it.  It took tremendous strength of will for me to carry on.
  • Tony can descend stairs by himself if he wants to.  This evening, he descended two flights so he could get on the street and run to the building that houses Toy-R-Us.
  • Should I do my stream-of-consciousness writing in bullet form?  Ouchie. Ouchie.  Grouchie.  Maybe I should.  I have holes in my shoes.  Maybe I shouldn't.
The KoW expressed his small "c" Chirstian religious beliefs as follows in a bulletin posting on
I am allowed to wear condoms and practice birth control methods other than the rhythm method without going to hell. Nor do I have to obey the Pope, even if he is a good guy.
The version of Christianity is based on the fact that 800 years ago an English King wanted to get a divorce.
  • I think it is a sad way to say he is not a product of his time while trying to appear to be a product of his time.  It is the philosophy of I am cool.  So, he isn't a serious Christian (I am looking for one) and I also think he got his dates off by 200 years.  King Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547). 
  • Meanwhile, the stand off is becoming big news.
  • The wife said that Tony dragged her onto a bus to go downtown (40 minutes) when all she really intended to do was go to Yangqiao (five mintues away).
  • My heart takes a beat every time Tony runs to the top of the stairs.  He comes to a quick stop at the lastest of instances.

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