Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday (Tuesday) Morning

It is hot out there!
It is the kind of heat that takes away your zip.  Whatever the opposite of drag-racing is, I will be doing it today.
Another Year at School
If they want me, I will sign on for another year at my school.  It has been the best gig I have ever had.  The students are generally wonderful people, and the experiences I have had, I could never have had in Canada.
Shower!  Shower!
I will take my shower now.  Two, I take in a day.  One in the evening before beddie-bye.  Another in the morning before I start to sweat.
Tony can be scolded.  And he will stand in place after being scolded with a look of shame on his face.  He is always taking on new facial expressions and emotions all the time - a never ending source of wonder for his parents.
KoWistic Dualism, Dual KoWist
There is a doctrinal controversy about the essences of the King of Wuxi which can be viewed at in the discussion boards.  The King of Wuxi has taken offence at being excommunicated from the religion of which he is a deity.  I did the excommunicating and have created the doctrine of KoWistic Dualism - the idea that the essence of the King of Wuxi can be both divine and heretical.  I think it is a doctrine that can save the world.  The King of Wuxi, not caring for this, worries only for his reputation.

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