Friday, August 14, 2009

My Reading of Ulysses Continues

Ulysses: A Review in Real-Time
Rare Readers, who can decipher my obscure prose, may have picked up that I have been reading Ulysses, the hard-to-read book by James Joyce.  One hundred and twenty pages into the book, your blogging correspondent is happy to report that he is enjoying it.  Thinking of the novel as depicting daily life in a poetic manner makes it more accessible.  I just finished the section about the funeral of Dignam and did find it poetic and real.  Now, I am in the midst of the chapter with the headlines that depicts Bloom's efforts to get an advertisement published.
TYOT Celebrations to Kick Off Tomorrow
AKIC: a W blog will begin a TYOT  extravaganza (Two Years of Tony) tomorrow as the last video of J's pregnancy will be embedded in the two AKIC blogs.  Rare readers can take a trip down memory lane as photos and videos from the first two years of Tony's extraordinary life are republished in this blog.  Some never before published photos will be seen as well.
Joe's Air-Conditioner on the Fritz
Joe Fritz's air-conditioner unit broke down Friday evening forcing him to take refuge in the bedroom of his Wuxi, China apartment.  Unable to reach his landlord, Mr. Fritz, a Connecticut native with size 46 feet, will have to wait until he goes back to work where his assistants will be able to help him talk to his landlord and have technicians look at the a/c unit.  "The machine blows out cold air for a while before this error code "59" then appears along with blasts of hot air" Fritz said.
Wuxiandis to take bus to work Saturday and Sunday
Wuxiandis, author of the Andis Kaulins in China Blog and the creator of the Wuxi Tony Update series, will take the bus to work Saturday and Sunday.  "I can take the bus home so there is no need to take the bike.  As well, the wife can use the bike to go shopping in Yangqiao" Wuxiandis said.
King of Wuxi: Dismissive of Pope?
Some observers have predicted that the King of Wuxi Expatdom's "The Pope is a nice guy but" comment posted on a bulletin board in a local site for four Wuxi expats: may result in a severing of relations between the Kingdom of Wuxi Expatdom and the Holy See.  "The Pope is more than just a nice guy, he is a moral authority and thinker, that men of good will all over the world should heed.  The King's comments were inflammatory and demeaning." said one Papist.
King of Wuxi goes for walk Friday Morning
Late Friday Morning, The King of Wuxi proudly boasted that he had a forty-five minute walk and then breakfast on his patio  early Friday Morning.  His second controversial comment of Friday was also posted at

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