Monday, August 17, 2009

The TYOT Festival comes to Akicistan

If it it Tuesday...
You are in Akicistan, which this week is proud to join in the celebration of TYOT and wishes Tony a happy second birthday.  As well, Akicistan congratulates Jenny on her efforts as a parent.  Andis deserves to be ambushed by Akicistan Mujaheddin.
Sleep In?
Andis looked at the clock on the dresser in the corner.  At first it was blurry.  Someone told me that your eyes start to go around 45.  Hold off buying glasses don't want to have lazy eyes.  Focus. Focus. Focus!  It is eight o'clock.  Get in some blogging before Tony arises.  Tony sleeps besides Andis.  I think I must stop him from rolling on the bed.  Tony is starting the practice of hitting those who he feels has done him wrong - usually me, but sometimes Mommy.
Maralin is back
I got an email from Maralin.  She is back from Arizona.  I look forward to the copy of the National Review.  I read it on the bus and at work, prominently.
Viral Video on Youku
The first video I took of Tony and Jenny together is going viral on Youku, the Chinese Youtube..  It has been viewed about 600 times in the last 24 hours.  And it can be attributed to Jenny putting Chinese writing in the titles.  I will embed the video on Sunday to mark Tony's second birthday.
AKIC Weekend
What to do?  What to do?  What to do?  The outlook was decidedly blue, till I looked up and saw you!  The outlook ain't blue as long as Tony is around; it is terrifying and exciting.  What will the family K do?  Husband and Wife have agreed that it will be too hot to do much.  We will spend time at home.  Projects:  cleaning under everything, organizing my socks, and the TYOT.
Obama's popularity slipping?
For the sake of the human race, it is important that it does.  Obama is as wrong-headed as wrong-headed can be.  Hope that maybe actually being in a position of responsibility would moderate his views have proved unfounded.  It was sad to see that Nassim Taleb, who wrote the brilliant book The Black Swan, had high hopes for Obama.  What was he thinking?  The presidential election of 2008 offered the worst choice of candidates since 1988 and 1972.  How anyone could have had high hopes last year was a fool. 
I do wonder how a McCain presidency would have worked out.  It may well have been the last few months of the Bush presidency which now in retrospect looks prudent because of what Obama is doing.  No, the McCain presidency would have been an unhappy time as well, but only because we wouldn't have known how bad Obama would have turned out to be.
Go Sarah Go!
Who on the Republican side is benefiting from Obama's woes?  No one really.  The Republican disorganisation is the only reason the Democrats have a chance in 2010.  I do hope Sarah Palin can become the face and voice of the opposition.  The extreme hatred of her reminds me of the hatred of Reagan on the part of the Left (I can remember how viral it was because I was young, foolish, and left at the time).  The whining of the Left against Reagan was loud but didn'' stop Reagan from winning two elections.  Go Sarah!  She has more common sense and experience than the current person at the helm.
It has to be in the thirties today.  Thirty Celsius that is.  In the nineties in Fahrenheit?  I wear blue underwear.  I feel sweat on my back.  It doesn't lend itself to a feeling of going through the day efficiently.  Sweat seeping into electronics causing shorts - a nightmare for techies.  Does the sweat evaporate and end up on the ceiling?  Sweat. Sweet. Proverbs.  The meat of the knee roasting.

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