Friday, August 21, 2009

I get called a bitch.

Some days, you just go mad.  This morning, I had a woman butt in front of me as I was waiting to order breakfast at McDonald's.  She was served.  She even ran into my elbow as she did this.  Annoyed, I called her bitch several times and a Wuxi Local word meaning "countrysider" which I have been told is a very rich insult.  She didn't seem to respond to my Chinese, so I screamed "bitch!" at her till she looked back at me.  Saying the word again and giving her the evil eye left no doubt that I wasn't happy with her.  And when she picked up her food, I gave her one more evil eye accompanied by another "bitch"!  Her eyes tightened in animosity and she said "bitch!" back at me.

Bad form, I know.  But, my wife does this all the time when it is done to her.

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