Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friday (Tuesday) quick brief headlines

The School has given each of its employees a box of grapes.  I have eaten some.  Delicious!

Wait them out
What do you do if a student don't answer a question.  Wait till they do.  And if it means, you have to wait and wait and wait.  So be it.  You can't be afraid of silence.

High Humidity means Thunder Shower  A'Coming!
The heat this morning was energy-zapping.  No wonder, it was followed by a brief but intense thundershower.  

Tony provides further evidence of the soul-breaking lethargy that the humidity brings.  When, Tony awakes, it is his habit to get up immediately.  This morning, he was awake but he lingered in bed for twenty minutes.  When he did go to the living room, he sat in his chair dutifully and watched a DVD, not playing with his toys.

Where is the Jello?
His majesty, the heretic deity, the liberator of Hans Island from the Danes, phoned to ask me where the Jello was.  It turned out he was at the wrong supermarket.  He was at Auchan when he should have gone to Carrefour Baoli's import section.

Kill all humans.  That is the implication if you find yourself accepting all the assumptions of the Environmental movement.  This thought comes to me any time I have to try to do a conversation class about the topic.

VPN Programs
I have two VPN programs with which to combat the Great Firewall:  Hot Spot Shield, and this Chinese program (U95) which you can download at (in the download section).

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