Sunday, August 16, 2009

TYOT: Tony's Current Obsessions

  • Tony likes looking for stones so as to throw them in the water.
  • Tony likes screwing and unscrewing caps off lids.
  • Tony likes playing with the DVD player.
  • Tony likes turning off and unplugging things when it is time to go out.
  • Tony likes to go out.  He will walk up to you with shoes in his hand to tell you so.
  • Tony likes to get his hand wet in a tap.  There is nothing he likes more than to play with one at a public washroom.
  • Tony likes to take a basin, pour water into, and then pour the water into something bigger.
  • Tony likes to play with fans.
  • Tony likes to jump.
  • Tony likes escalators.
  • Tony likes putting coins into old pill containers.
  • Tony likes the farting noise.
  • Tony likes to make strange noises by stroking his lips with his fingers.
  • Tony likes to grab anything that is in within reach.
  • Tony likes to see how things taste - many things.
  • Tony likes to play with mobile phones.
  • Tony loves to argue with his father.
  • Tony loves to attack Daddy.

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