Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Night Headlines

Fresh Pizza for Breakfast!
I had fresh pizza for breakfast this morning.   Jenny raised some dough overnight and then rose early to make me pizza before I had to leave for work.  After trying one slice of the pizza, I couldn't help myself and so ate four more.  It was meant to be my lunch.
Love by the railings?
I have seen all sorts of things on the mile long bridge I have to take to get home.  I have seen people sleeping on the walkway overnight on some hot summer nights.  Tonight, I saw a youngish couple sitting on the railing, having a romantic moment.
Money as a Gift?
It is not considered, in the West, to be in good taste to come to some one's house for dinner and give cash as a gift.  It would be better to give Wine.  In China, you can give cash provided it comes in a Red Envelope; otherwise it is gauche to give it openly.
Keep Your Enemies Closer?
Someone, in the West, said "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".  In China, they say "Enemies and friends change; benefits stay the same."  You can make a connection between the two statements.
Does Knowledge come from Theory or Practice?
During the Cultural Revolution in China, knowledge came from the wisdom (hence theory) of Chairman Mao.  Chairman Deng changed this saying that knowledge should come from practice.  This is what I was told tonight by students.
A TYOT Photo Somewhere
I am making this blog entry in my gmail account which I will then send to my two blogs.  I have inserted the most current photo of Tony in this email.  I will put it at the bottom of this email.  But where the photo ends up when published, is a mystery at the time of typing.


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