Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Akicistan Reflections

  • If it is Tuesday, you are in Akicistan.
  • Thanks to rare reader Rich from Tampa, U.S.A. who likes the WTUs.  I would respond to your comment in the comment section if it wasn't for the fact that I can't get to it from the computer in my apartment.  For whatever reason, the VPN that allows me to get to blogspot is only working on my computer at school.  And I can't wait two days to respond.  He does ask a fair question if I worry about Tony getting a Truman complex.  I assume that he is referring to the Truman of the Truman Show movie played by Jim Carrey; not Harry Truman or Truman Capote.  Tony has actually been received almost celebrity treatment because he is a very rare mixed baby for these parts.  So far, he seems to not care for the attention.  Given the choice between putting coins in containers and having pretty girls hold him, he prefers to play with the coins.  I can see him looking back at the videos and thinking "damn!" to himself and wondering where all the admirers went.  This being China, Tony will have to worry more about the little emperor, one child complex; and perhaps also an Amerasian complex of being a minority of one in an overwhelming Asian atmosphere.
  • This Tuesday seemed a wasted day.  An incident at work took up my afternoon and it went from there.
  • On the bus to work, I had these children speak in English but too shy to approach me.  My instinct was to slap them but I instead waited impatiently to get to my stop. 
  • Finding I had wasted my time at school, I went to McDonalds to get something to eat.  It was my luck that there were six or seven people milling about in front of the counter when I arrived.  I stood back and then some fucking bastard walked right in front of me and got served.  I screamed asshole at him two times and walked away.  I was really annoyed that the staff served him.  I would have loved to have tapped him on the shoulder and called him the Wuxi words for countrysider, but some things are best fantasized about and not done.  Much as I love the Wuxi people, they need to be taught how to behave when in line - what barbaric lack of consideration they have at times.  It must come from their population being so huge.
  • When I finally got home to the wife and kids, I had a nap.  Next thing I knew it was supper time and the day just seemed to have been frittered away so quickly.
  • Here is what I can say I did today:  I read about 30 pages of the Iliad on the bus, I read the second chapter of Jame Joyce's Ulysses and quite enjoyed it.  Reading someone praise the novel for its celebration of the poetry of eveyday life has made the reading of it make so much sense.  I uploaded WTU 280 to Youtube.  I got the wife to make some Chinese annotations to my videos on Youku.  I helped increased traffic on http://wuxiguide.net.  I watched ten minutes of the Ferris Bueller movie.  I watched most of the Wizard of Oz DVD I have.  I watched some Morrissey videos.  I watched some videos of the British punk group The Jam.  I listened to some EWTN podcasts on my phone.  I made comments on Facebook.  I had this idea for a story where Tony dances and somehow enters a new world.  And I watched Fred Astaire dance with Rita Hayworth.  All in all, I shouldn't complain, but I don't feel I accomplished much.  I had a day of consumption that while beyond the dreams of the young Andis, seems empty and devoid of something.

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