Monday, August 17, 2009

Slow Internet ruining my TYOT plans.

  • Slow Internet at home and school today has ruined my ambitious plans for TYOT.  I had planned to do a lot of uploading to both my blog sites, but unable to get a VPN all evening, I have done little to nothing.  I have uploaded another WTU which you can find here:  I would embed it in this site but I can't get to Youtube.
  • Hot in Wuxi.  I have seen a lot of men rolling up their shirts to reveal their navels - not very attractive.  On my bike ride home this evening I saw a man set his cot on the bicycle path.  Not safe, I would presume, but the spot must be cool which is why the man did what he did.  And he was fast asleep as I rode by.
  • Riding to work at High Noon this afternoon, I felt as if I was riding in a car with no a/c getting a breeze from a open window.  It was nasty.
  • This video I took two years ago has gone semi-viral on now that I had the wife write the description in Chinese.
  • Anti-Americanism is an mental disorder, I swear.  I have meet at least three people in China who can take a statement and find a way to make it anti-American.  This afternoon, after asking if Germany still required its citizens to do two years military service, I had someone talk about something Americans had done on a NATO exercise.

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