Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night AKIC-CTV-FOX-AL-GEZEERA Headlines

No!  It wasn't me.  I wasn't fighting strangers or people I know.  I witnessed an altercation on my bike ride home from work, ending a spell of three consecutive bike rides where I didn't see anything worth writing about.  At the corner of Xueqian and Jiankeng roads in Downtown Wuxi,some black-car VIPs were getting extra special treatment from the traffic police who were stopping all other traffic to let their motorcade through.  I saw one of the traffic cops actually tackle a man who was trying to sneak through on his electric bike.  I looked away for about fifteen seconds before looking back to see the man, who was on the electric bicycle, try to throw some hay makers at his tackler.  The tackling cop was retreating, and his associate were blocking the enraged cyclist who had left his bike lying on its' side on the pavement. 
The Gay Divorcee
Gay Marriage does meant that there will be gay divorcees who may or may not be "gay" in the original way the word was supposed to be used.  Anyway, I have found the movie "The Gay Divorcee" starring Astaire and Rogers on  So far, it doesn't appear to have any lesbians in it.  Not that there is anything wrong with.  Not seeing Lesbians in a movie, that is.
Tony's Luck Streak Continues
I reported yesterday about my son Tony having luck at some slot machine in the countryside where he is staying with his mother, my wife.  Yesterday, he won 16.5 rmb which was all spent on these 1 rmb car rides.  Today, he won 14 rmb and same scenario occurred afterwards.
Tony's Toilet Training: a Progress Report.
Your impetuous, ever-genial, never-pedestrian, always-civilized, truth-defending, paradigm-breaking, reporter has learned of the progress Tony's countryside toilet training regimen from a source close to the circle of Wuxi's most important baby.  The source reported that Tony didn't pee or poo himself Saturday and that if he needs to use the bathroom, he will pull the source to the bathroom to help him.  He can now just wear diapers at night and on extended trips.
Cagney or Gable?
I'm gonna watch one DVD this evening at Casa K.  Here are my choices:  Angels with Dirty Faces starring James Cagney, or It Happened One Night starring Clark Gable.  I am leaning towards Cagney who has impressed with his performances in Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Paths of Glory.  Look! Seee!


Anonymous said...

Andy, James Cagney in Paths of Glory? I don't think so. Kirk Douglas, yes.Great anti-war movie. Have you seen The Boy in The Striped Pajamas? From 1 Conservative to another, it's a hard hitting anti-war movie, dressed up as a loveable kid flick. RichFromTampa

Andis Kaulins said...

You are right. The movie I saw with James Cagney was "What Price Glory!". A fun movie about WW I.

Can't say I have seen The Boy in Striped Pajamas. I will look for it.

I watched Angels with Dark Faces, and I meet someone in China, of all places, who said it was his favorite movie.