Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Headlines from AKICNN

More Pizza!
The wife had hot pizza ready for me when I came home from work tonight!  It was very good!
Bottle in the Back Pocket.
On my way home, I saw this dude walking, sans t-shirt with a water bottle in the back pocket of his jeans.  I have never seen anyone do that before.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.  But I had to mention in the blog.
Sitting on the Corner
Sitting on the Corner, watching all the girls go by!  That is how the song goes.  The humid weather has the locals sleeping on the streets, hanging out on bridges, and sitting on grass near street corners.  Tonight, I saw four men, dressed just in their shorts, spending their Friday night on a patch of grass near a street corner.  They would be called vagrants in my country - I make this observation to deride my country.  We too sophisticated in our country to enjoy the simple company of others.  Stick westerners on a street corner and they be whining in no time.
Using a Bike to move Furniture
Bicycle overloads are a staple on the Internet for people who want to show China as being quirky.  It is no big deal to see the locals use bicycles to move all manner of things.  But tonight, I do wish to report a variation that I had never seen before.  I saw an electric bike being used to carry a desk.  The desk was placed on the driver's seat.  Three people were pushing the electric bike.  Different.
Cars and Toy Story II
I bought Tony some DVDs for his birthday.  He has already started to watch them.  The animation of these movies amuses him.

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