Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Standoff Across the Street.

Our apartment affords us a view of a government building.  Many government departments are located there.  Right now, there is a woman who is causing the security people  some trouble.  She and a companion have been standing at the front gate, seemingly all morning.  Seven guards in blue are out there with her.  They have begged her to leave but she persists in whatever it is she is doing.  A police car came at one time but since as left. 
The standoff continues.
These standoffs are not a rare thing in Wuxi.  I have seen a few before, not only at government places but at businesses.  This is the first one which I have been able to monitor at my leisure and take photos of.
I will put the photos and video ( the standoff has served as a  backdrop for WTU 382) on this site as soon as I can get to my computer at school which has a VPN.
At the end of my emails, I have this "signature":
I sent an email to a student who replied and told me that she couldn't get some of the sites.  She didn't know that her government was blocking them.

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