Friday, August 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

  • The brief respite from teaching, yesterday's field trip, is over.  Now it is back to teaching.  The fallout for me from the trip is a stiff back from having to carry Tony around all day.  I don't know how my wife can do it, seven days a week!
  • I gave Tony a bath last night.  It went well, Tony was calm.  I lathered his hair with shampoo.  But then I tried to rinse it out and discovered that Tony doesn't like getting water in his eyes and face one bit.  The poor fellow, I had to hold him, wet and naked, for five minutes till he would calm down.  My wife has a struggle with Tony when washing his hair that is painful to listen to, let alone watch.
  • I sweated buckets on the field trip yesterday.  It was muggy, and carrying Tony was an exertion that was enough to turn on the spigots of sweat.  Many photos of Tony and me were taken yesterday, but they will show a very wet t-shirt and so not all at becoming.
  • I finished Michael Crichton's Timeline last night.  A good read.  While there is some two dimensionality to his characterizations, Crichton does include lots of scientific detail.  His mixture of science, popularly presented, and his stories do receive and deserve high praise.
  • I could provide you with ten links that I found interesting when surfing last night.  Here is one about James Joyce's novel Ulysses.  I have the novel in Wuxi.  It made my short list of books that it was essential I take to Asia.  The copy I have I absconded from an uncle long since passed away.  I can say I have read the novel from cover to cover once, but I do like to, every now and then, leaf through the book.  It is full of virtuoso writing and showing-off that many a write wish he could have done himself.
  • Hundreds of photos were taken of Tony on yesterday's field trip.  He was the smash I thought he would be when,I decided to have him accompany me on the trip.

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