Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bold instead of Underscore

Bold instead of Underscore
Rereading Ulysses after making those two newspaper headlines blog entries, I see that it would look more authentic if I used bold and bigger Fonts.  I will start doing that now.
The Black Swan
I have been visiting Nassem Talib's website.  I have read the book "The Black Swan" which my parents were nice enough to send me.  Be ready for the improbable!  Think about you can't see, not just what you can.
TYOT Festival Begins
The Two Years of Tony Festival on AKIC blogs has officially begun.  Expect photos and videos till August 23 (Tony's birthday) as AKIC takes you down two years of ineffable and unforgettable memories of Tony boy, Wuxi's number one expat baby.
For Art's Sake
It was for the sake of Art that I mentioned a person's shoe size in connection with a major A/C malfunction.  Like the man who notices the seats of the car are leather on the way to the hospital, AKIC is concerned with the poetic small details of everyday life.
Yankees Lead the American League East
It has been  painful to look at the Major League Baseball Standings since it instituted the Wild Card.  But look at them, AKIC did, to see the Yankees are in first place in the American League East even with the expensive stadium they have.
Have a Class
I will continue this blog entry after this class I have in ten minutes.  The topic:  Family and Relationships.  A good topic to get the students talking I can tell you.  The Chinese actually respect their parents here.  A shock to a modern Westerner.
Student had Great Grandmother
A student, in the class I just had, told me she had a Great Grandmother who looked after her.  The Great Grandmother died at 102 while the student was in middle-school.  The woman's secrets to long life?  A nightly walk and a happy disposition.  Another student told me of grandparents being killed on a boat by Japanese - they were trying to escape Shanghai by escaping by boat to Wuxi.
Students wish they had one sibling
Because you are not allowed to have siblings in China, I asked the students how many they would have if they could.  They all said they would like one.  Many of the girls said they wished they had a older brother.  One female student wanted to have a twin.  One male student wanted a younger brother so he could always beat him at games.
Strange Student Names
Here are six names of students that warrant mentioning in my periodic feature of strange English names students give themselves:  Rye, Lychee, Zoe, Cheer, Kobe, and Alien.
Pineapple Beer
I drank three pineapple beers Saturday Night.  Which goes to show you how hot it is in Wuxi in these dog days of Summer.
Birthday Party for Tony?
No big birthday party planned for Tony this year.  The logistics of the thing would take any enjoyment out of it.  After the 100 day party fiasco, my wife vowed to never have parties again.  We will have dinner with someone who asked to celebrate Tony's day.  We will share Tony with the world via video and photos.
Will Tony take afternoon nap?
I have mentioned that Tony fell asleep on Saturday night's electric bike ride.  I am hoping he takes a nap this afternoon so I will be able to take him on the trip I planned for him last night.
Jenny to make Wuxi Tony videos?
I have suggested to my wife that she have a hand in the videos I upload to (search for wuxiandis).  Already, having her type some Chinese on the my channel has increased viewership.  I think proper Chinese narration on her part will have the videos get thousands of views.

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