Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday-Friday Morning Ruminations.

  • This blog entry will be full of more motley (stolen from Radio Derb).
  • Bubba, a.k.a. Bill Clinton, has found a great way to pick up chicks.  Clinton, using his status as ex-President, can convince dictators and the like to let the women go.  The grateful women, seeing Bubba as a hero, will of course want to sleep with him.  Heck, all female relatives and friends of the picked-up girls would probably want to sleep with Bubba as well.  What a great gig being ex-President can be!
  • It is raining heavily outside as I type this sentence.  Looks like I will be taking the bus to work - no biking it.
  • I picked up somebody else's baby yesterday.  The kid did not like it one bit.
  • Tony was having great fun throwing rocks into a small artificial pond till the security man came....
  • Ten most beautiful churches in China.
  • I like to carry Tony on my shoulders.  It seems that I am the only person in child who does like to carry his child so, and so I wonder why this should be.  Some locals have asked me if it is safe.  I tell them it is perfectly safe.  Others think maybe Tony is to heavy.  I should say not and as well, I find it easier to carry him that way then to have him in my arms.  Tony, I believe, enjoys being on my shoulders as well.
  • The Tonymeister was awake, but a bottle of milkie has pacified him.
  • My wife was going to spend some time in Beixing with Tony, but that plan has fallen through because her parents have a dog that has bitten two people.  Why they won't get rid of the dog is something I haven't been to get an explanation about.
  • Tony is up and about.
  • I will wear white pants today.
  • In a class yesterday afternoon, I asked the students who they thought had more pressure in Chinese society.  The male students all said women did; the female students all said men did.  I said men did because of the demographic imbalance that China is experiencing between men and women.  Men will have a hard time finding wives.
  • I had another student tell me that it seemed strange to use the expression "too easy".  People want ease, she said, and would never want things to be more difficult or harder.

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