Sunday, August 30, 2009

My weekend is coming! Ha Ha! It maybe be a lost one. Hmmmm.

Rain this morning which means I am taking the bus to work.

I'm A'Going to Beixing, not Beijing
I will pick up Jenny and Tony, my family, tomorrow in Beixing.  I am not sure if I am expected to stay there overnight.  But I hope not.  I have to bring extra clothes out because of the rapid drop in temperature.  I also got to buy a honey melon for my father in-law. 

In a previous entry, I said James Cagney was the star of "Paths of Glory".  A reader at AKIC blogspot pointed out my mistake.  I meant to refer to the film "What Price Glory?".  Kirk Douglas was the star of "Paths of Glory", a movie I haven't seen.  (Which reminds me, when I use "stare" in the continuous tense, do I spell it staring or starring?)

Long Johns
I have made a decision that may see me further barred from the company of genteel Expats.  I am wearing Long Johns.  I don't know where my sweat pants are and if I ask my wife, she would  tell me that I should know because I put them away but since I don't know and I don't want to tell apart the house finding them, I will wear this thin pair of long underwear that I found at the top of my underwear drawer.  If you want to see me wear these things, you are welcome to come down to my neighborhood.  Hang out on the street in front of my apartment and you will see me walk on the balcony.

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