Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday Bullets.

  • I took Tony for two walks on Akicistan Tuesday.  The first one was the subject of WTU 349.  Tony and I did the second one last evening.  I took Tony through a public square where about a couple hundred or so people were roller-blading and ballroom dancing.  I then took Tony to a side street I hadn't seen before that had about eight restaurants and more shops, all within walking distance of our apartment.  There are just so many people in China!
  • We bought a 129 rmb DVD player (about 20 Canadian bucks) at Carrefour yesterday.  It replaces the 199 rmb DVD player that lasted us over a year and that Tony may have broken.
  • Freak Beijing Thunderstorm turns Day into Night.  This has happened at least twice in Wuxi that I can remember of.
  • I watched the Bachelor and Bobby-Soxer last night, christening the new DVD player.  Starring Cary Grant and Shirley Temple, it was laugh-out-loud funny in parts.
  • The wife tells me that when I am at home.  She has twice the work to do.  So much for that conceit of my helping her.
  • Tony understands what it means when we tell him to "sit down!".
  • Don't look for Obama for anything
  • This morning, I woke up having no idea what time it was.  I was so disoriented.  I had to think what day it was before I could quell the notion that I was late for work.
  • An observation I forgot to record.  I have mentioned before that I have seen the locals treat their electric bikes like cars.  That is, they perform all sorts of activities on their bikes whether, romance, ablutions, office-like duties and so-on.  On the way home Monday evening, I saw a boy studying on a "scooter".  His mother was driving and he had a notebook in his face looking like he was cramming for a big exam.  That he was doing so in the light of a late evening couldn't have been good for his eyes.

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