Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday is Friday.

It is Monday morning.  At Casa K, it really is Friday because Tuesday and Wednesday are really Saturday and Sunday for me - they being my days off, you see.  I don't have to be at work till one in the afternoon, so I can spend a leisurely time around the home.  It is raining outside so, so much for my plan to take Tony for a walk.  The wife is asleep so I can get a little blogging in.
I made WTU 356 last evening.  I am uploading it to Youtube as I make this blog.
If you are in China, is a useful site.  I was able to watch English language movies and t.v. shows on it.  For instance, I watched Gran Torino, Curb Your Enthusiasm, the Teletubbies, and Kenneth Clark's Civilisation yesterday.
I don't have much to say about what is going on locally in Wuxi other than it is hot and humid.  I have no idea what the expats are up to.  However, the bit I do see and hear makes me cynical about all of them.  The Chinese must think all foreigners are letches, operators, and drunks.
Ed McMahon's death went almost unnoticed.  He was seen as a sidekick.  And yet, of the three celebrities who died recently, he was the one whose life should have been celebrated and commemorated.  Ed McMahon was a former U.S. marine.  I believe he had combat experience.  He did more for people than that sorry Jackson did.

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