Sunday, June 21, 2009

AKIC Friday!

It may be Monday to you, but that is because you don't have the good fortune to be living in AKIC.  One more day of dragging myself to work in the Wuxi humidity and then it will be my weekend!  Tuesday and Wednesday, I will let the wife drag me about.
I have read some wonderful pronouncements about what is happening in Iran.  Now, if only, the events there would bring about some real change.  All the buzz I have heard doesn't satisfy my got-to-be-update-to-the-second impatience brought about by the Internet and Twitter.
Twitter is boiling over with pronouncements and rumours about what is happening in Iran.  I have been reading confirmations and refutations of Mousouvi being arrested.
I can't survive in the apartment without at least having a fan on.  I am trying to remember if it was this humid last summer.
I listened to podcast where a scientist reports what he has learned after trying to get to the bottom of global-warming.  He said that there is more CO2 in the atmosphere than ever, but that no one knows sure what it means for our climate.  The move made by Al Gore was a politician exaggerating and omitting what is known for sure.  The report of the IPCC panel has been mis-used by both sides of the debate.  The IPCC report in is fact modest in its pronouncements on the issue.
I've just  walked into my bedroom to see my wife and my son asleep.  I tell myself I have to be a better husband and father.
The wife has planned for us to go get portrait-like photographs taken.  A studio near our old apartment on Wu Ai Jia Yuan has a promotion with unbelievable discounts for family pictures.  I have agreed to go but I must get a haircut first.  My short haircut is growing back so that I have very unsymmetrical-looking hair.

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