Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is my son going to be a cannibal when he grows up?

It is a curious thing to have your son bite you on Father's Day. That is what Tony did to me this evening. I suspect he bit me because he did not like my authoritative manner of speaking to him. It was his bedtime. He wanted to leave the bed. I insisted, as is any father's duty, that he go to sleep. Sleepy and feeling the humidity of a Wuxi summer night, Tony was in a whiny mood. He rolled over and bit me on the arm. I smacked him on his bottom twice. I left him cry till he fell asleep. The humid temperatures are making us all go mad.

I ate some chips from an opened bag that was in the kitchen. I couldn't decide if they tasted stale or if someone had spilled juice on them. Then looking at the package, I saw I was eating blueberry flavored chips. I kid you not, my wife bought them.

To show solidarity with the protesters in Iran, I have shaded Tony in the green colour of their movement. I have also adopted the green tint for my profile photos on Facebook and Twitter. Read the latest Column about Iran by David Warren. There are many reasons why the fall of the current Iranian Regime would make the Middle-East and the World a better place. The price to pay will involve fatalities and the triumphalism of Bushites and Neo-Cons. But, you should be happy, Bush-haters. The Fall of the Mad Mullahs will be a good thing. And once you admit you have been wrong about Bush, a load of tension will be released and you may see the world in a new light.

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