Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AKICrapistan Tuesday.

It is Tuesday in Wuxi which means you have entered the Akicistan zone.  I lost my keys and temper today so "crap" has entered and you are now in Akicrapistan
When and how I lost my keys today is a mystery.    My wife did see me use the keys to lock the apartment door when we left for the portrait studio.  It was there that I suddenly became worried about the keys, and immediately found that I couldn't locate them .  I even back tracked to most of the places I had been to before going to the studio.  I worry now that I may have left them in the front door of the apartment this morning when we left to go to the portrait studio.  If that was the case then someone took them.  Of course, I will go back to the place I got a hair cut - Jenny, unlike me, remembered that I had gone there for a haircut.
There is no mystery about how I lost my temper.  I definitely lost it at the portrait studio.  When my wife Jenny suggested that we go to the portrait studio, she told me their having a special on.  So, I assumed we would go in in our normal clothes and pose for some family portraits.  However when we got there, the deal was that everyone was posing for discount wedding portraits.  I first wondered why there were all sorts of women who looked too homely and old to be wearing wedding dresses.  When I learned that we had to put on these costumes I lost my temper.  Being in a country where many don't speak English, you can drop the f-word gratuitously when you are angry enough.  This is not what I was f***ing expecting!"  And that is what I said a great many times at the studio even though I have to admit that Tony did look cute in the suit he was wearing. 
It was right after losing my temper and acting impertinently that I realized my keys were missing which now seems to have been an occurrence of cosmic justice.  I have spent the evening sheepishly apologizing to Jenny.

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