Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Countryside Bike Ride 062409: The Old....

I took Tony with me as I rode the area around our apartment. Tony, being 22 months old now, is okay to ride with me. I have him stand in the area between the steering column and the driver's seat. I hold onto him with my legs. I am certain that this practice wouldn't pass Fascist Canadian Safety Council muster but the practice of taking young children on electric bikes here is standard, not at all unusual.

I saw the old and the new of China on the short one-hour ride.

Below, a work group is planting bushes.

The lane in the photo below took us past some very poor houses. On the other side of the lane was a stream that was used as a sewer. It was fill with garbage and green algae-filled water. The smell was revolting.

The two pictures below show a old factory. I have no idea how old the factory is but it was in a dilapidated state.

So the first stretch of CBR 062409 was through neglected area....

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