Monday, June 29, 2009

A history of Europeans having sex in Asia.

From the Wall Street Journal, comes a review of "The East, the West, and Sex". The stories of fat German tourists and over-the-hill Casanovas coming here for sex are very true. And while the article does mention the fact that many of these men are escaping Christian scolds and the like. I should also like to add that they are also escaping Western Feminism. Asia is a place where women are still in women, unlike North America where women are fat, wear tattoos, and feel the need to be vulgar like sailors.


Anonymous said...

not all NA women are fat, tattooed and vulgar, but for some guys, that's all they can get here so they go to asia for some poon instead.

it's like the sexual version of smith's invisible hand, pushing those guys to thailand, china, etc. where they can get a little action instead of being frustrated in NA. very simple, really.

Anonymous said...

p.s. you are an expat who came to asia to hook up too.

denial ain't just a river in egypt, brother.

Andis Kaulins said...

I see I have to talk about Sex to get comments in the blog.

Whatever it takes.

Actually, I came here to find a wife, not hook up. I still remember the 58 Belgian with the 19 year old girl friend in Kunming telling me I was nuts. But now that I am married, I don't have to lay my eyes on those people.

I don't see how I can be in the Nile about anything. This blog advertises the fact that I married a local girl. Jenny is making an honest man out of me like a good traditional wife will!

Anonymous said...

if the subject sex sustained hugh hefner's empire (if not the entire western mass media), it will surely work for this blog. no shame in it.

anyhow, i am genuinely glad that you have found happiness with your bride. and yes, i have also been grossed out by guys engaging in similar scenarios as the one you describe. the old dudes with teenage girlfriends are getting pretty close to a buyer/seller kind of dynamic, if you get my drift.

but really, as distasteful as it may seem to you or i, why do you feel the need to dump on it? unless there is actual prostitution, child abuse or some sort of real, tangible harm happening to one of the participants, why doesn't the conservative live-and-let-live ethos apply to your views here?

it takes two to tango, and neither the balding, pot-bellied german nor the chinese ingenue would engage with each other if it didn't make them happy, right?

Andis Kaulins said...

It is an issue in the job I am, I am ashamed to say.

And I have heard and overheard too many expats complain about woman, they have had, that some women want some sort of attachment other than sex. In this country, many woman do live lives of desperation. The sex just isn't leisure time activity.

And the people here are used to being lead around by the nose and so being fooled. There is an element of exploitation in what these activites as the book review even stated.

Live and let live does not mean live and not disapprove. This stuff happens and it would be foolish to say it didn't.

I wish to add another point which I have cut and pasted from a recent David Warren column:

Tyranny -- dehumanization -- advanced, because men failed to be men, women failed to be women, and both sexes pretended to become "persons" on an analogy more animal than divine. And today, nothing in our country is quite as it appears.

The country he was talking about was Canada. Which goes back to my point by the adverse effects of Feminism.