Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Fooling

Record Month
March 2010 has been my best month ever for visits and page views on both blogs.  Spaces and Blogspot both got over 1k of visits.  AKIC Blogspot broke a record that had been established before the GFW blocked it in May 2009.

So I have to say, thanks Mom and Dad, and to my other rare visitors!

They don't like me much at the B of C
Tuesday saw me in a snappy mood.  Now everyday is a battle, I find, between my good and evil inclinations.  Though, I repeatedly vow to myself that I will never again lose my temper, my guard always weakens.  

Tuesday, I first got annoyed at having someone "cut me off" as I was getting off the bus.  I suddenly swore like an banshee.  The fact that the offender didn't understand me probably caused me to swear so freely, as well as this insane desire I had that the man understood what the f-word meant.

Later, I got a phone call from the Bank of China.  They told me that a money transfer from my parents could not be processed because the name of my account didn't agree with the name on the transfer order.  The name on my bank account was Andis Edmunds -- my first and middle names.  My parents of course sent the money to Andis Kaulins.  The bank told me to tell my parents to change the name to Andis Edmunds.  I snapped, calling them every name in the book, telling them what idiots they were for not being able to read a passport.  The first lady who phoned handed me off to someone else and I told the second lady the same things in the same manner.

Jenny took me to the Bank of China Wednesday, and dealt with the matter, telling me not to say anything.  My appearance made the staff stiffen -- there was the foreigner who swore at them.

Sheepishly, I carried on with my day -- I suppose you could say I was the April's Fool, a day early.

I have found a new way to get home
I take the #85 bus to the Trust Mart near European Street.  There, I catch the #635 which stops about a block from Casa K.  I arrive home about twenty minutes later but I save 13 rmb on the taxi.

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treat others as you would like to be treated.