Friday, March 19, 2010


Six Videos Uploaded
The VPN was working mighty fine this morning.  I was able to upload six videos to my YouTube channel: three WTU's and a three. of a new series I am doing: Why Wuxi is an exciting city.  The new series is exclusive to YouTube.  For those of you in China who can't get to YouTube, you can see all the videos of Tony here.

Now being able to easily access YouTube has been a problem and I have wasted many a hour trying to upload videos. I had been trying for four days to upload this latest batch of videos.   However, having to keep my videos to a minute in length is a good thing.  My videos have been much too long.

Of course, the latest videos will always be embedded on this site.   

The weather can't seem to make up its mind.  It has been alternately hot and cold, making morning wardrobe decisions difficult.  Yesterday, I was overdressed.  Today, maybe I should have worn a toque.

Asking a student, who complained of the heat, if she was overdressed, she said she wasn't because the Chinese consider it healthy to wear lots of clothes in early spring.

Old People with Horns
Notice how I didn't use an adjective.

Anyway, my wife was watching television and saw something that disgusted her.  I looked and I saw this old woman with a two inch "horn" sticking out of her forehead.  The news report then cut to images of goats and oxen, before showing the woman again.  Then the program showed other old people with the same problem.  Apparently, there is some sort of skin condition that causes these horns to form on older peoples' heads.

Truly a sickening sight.  The women, who was the subject of the report, was in such distress about her condition.

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