Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back to Work

What awaits when I go back to work this morning?
Tutor on the Bus
I was on the bus listening to a MP3 and studying sentences, written in Chinese script, in my Elementary Chinese Reader when all-of-a-sudden, the passenger behind me, asked in Mandarin, if I was studying Chinese.  I was startled by him, and had to make a great effort to take off my earphones, and retrieve  and turn off my MP3 player which was deep in my front jacket pocket.  Being deep in an interior mode or my comfort zone, it took further effort to warm up to the guy.  I had to make myself friendly to him because he deserved it.
Conversing with him, in Mandarin, I learned that he was a repairman of sorts whose hometown was Nanjing.  I believe he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink but I told him I was going to work.
He helped me as I read aloud those sentences.  And then I found another person who was willing to be a tutor on the bus.
My wife got her 40 rmb deposit back on the empty bottle from the former supply of water for our water machine, but it wasn't easy.  She had to call security, and the police to get the supplier to return the money.
Pineapple Beer Run
Wednesday's rain kept the K family indoors.  A break in the rain in the afternoon did give me a chance to scoot into Yanqiao to buy some Pineapple Beer.

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