Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rain, Snow, Sun

Long Johns and Toque
In February, Wuxi experienced a warm spell and I was thinking I could put away my long johns and beanie till November.  But a week of rain and a little snow has me wearing long underwear and a scarf again.  Yesterday, I even wore a knit cap in class while teaching.

To ensure comfort is prudent.

Learning to read Chinese Characters
I see that there are characters that I will always recognize; and that are characters I will only recognize in context, like when I read the same passage over and over again.

How do things work?
Yesterday, the salon class topic was that.  I saw how much I was ignorant of.  Best I could do was point the students to this site.

Tony takes a nap
A week of preschool has given Tony an afternoon nap habit.  Jenny tells me that  this weekend at home, Tony has, at the preschool nap time, taken his doll in his arms and walked around the house, yawning.

Visit here for more about the Tony boy.

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