Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday Musings

Woman's Day
Really, it is some United Nations holiday, so one has to wonder what is the point.  But it is Woman's Day in China, and I do have something to talk about with the students at my English Corner this Monday afternoon.  Many students will know about it -- more than knew about the Olympics being held in Vancouver.
Crosby's Goal
I obviously haven't been trying hard enough because I still haven't yet seen the highlights of the Canada-USA gold medal hockey game.  All the links I have tried won't allow me to see the video.  The sights that could, like NBC,  tell me that international viewers cannot access that hockey game's video.
I suppose I will have to buy a DVD of the game if and when I go back to Canada.
Tony's scared of girls
All these pretty girls want to kiss Tony but he doesn't want anything to do with them.  When a stranger says "hello!" to him, he will quickly turn his head.  However, he has no problem saying "bye-bye!" to them.
It is like saying a nice friendly "good-bye!" to the bogey man.
Tony's Pee Pee Ploy
Currently, Tony knows to say "pee-pee!" or "poo-poo!" when he has got to do his business.  But he has figured out that he can say those dreaded words for other purposes, like when he just wants to play with the taps in public restrooms.  Sunday evening at Yu Pai Fu Hao, a restaurant on Wuxi's Zhongshan Road, Tony had to go to the bathroom every five minutes -- he was bored sitting at a table.
Tony's Pronunciation
Tony has picked up the Wuxi habit of adding "a" to the end of everything he says.  He now calls me "Daddy-a!".
A Reminder

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