Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

Day Off
It is Tuesday, so I am going to ramble.  I have been uploading lots lately to keep up the pretext of daily postings, but ramblings have been few.
I really can't discuss what is really on my mind and occupies my thoughts.  A friend of mine has returned but I can say nothing.
Anyway, Here she goes!
Now, he doesn't want to go!
Jenny tells me that Tony hasn't wanted to go to preschool the past two days, in contradistinction to last week when he couldn't wait to get to there to play.
As well, he is getting lazy and not wanting to get up.
Not that I don't blame him because the last days have the sort when you don't want to get out of bed.
The 1972 Miami Dolphins
It is raining in Wuxi as I type this.  Let me tell you, that if rainy days were like American professional football teams, then Wuxi rainy days would be like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only undefeated professional football team in history.
It is a sheer wonder to be in Wuxi when it rains.  I pity the fools looking at Hawaiian sunsets.
Expect a video of this at my other blog as soon as I can get it uploaded to Youtube.
Big Shoe Sizes at Ba Bai Ban
Someone has told me that Expats, with big feet like me (I am a 46 or 47 ) can find shoes that fit at Ba Bai Ban.
WuxiLife Magazine
In the latest issue of Wuxilife, there are articles about Mongolia and Tofu.
U.S. Health care
Supporters of Obama's health care reform boost that people with pre-existing conditions won't be denied coverage.  But whenever governments try to stop one problem, they create others -- the unforeseen and unseen consequences.  In this case, people will existing conditions will have to pay either through higher costs or longer waiting times.
Navy Blue was the fashion
The circumstance:  Speakers' Corner.  The topic:  Blue.  The information gleamed: you don't wear blue to funerals: and last summer  it was the fashion of young Wuxi women to wear navy blue.  My reaction:  I thought so; and I never noticed.
The Blind Side
On the recommendation of Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media, I am in the midst of watching The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock -- the story of a white woman who takes care of an abandoned black boy who also happens to have great Football talent.  The film opens with a replay of Lawrence Taylor breaking Joe Thiessman's leg -- anyone who has ever seen replay will always be sickened by it -- Thiessman's leg snapped at a ninety degree angle.  Then, the film showed images of Matt Hasselback, QB of the Seattle Seahawks.  I got to see Hasselback play a few times live when I was able to drive from Abbotsford to Seattle to see Seahawk games.  So, I had a "Hey! I was there for that!" moment.
The movie while nothing really special, does have the virtue of showing that white people can do good things for blacks.  Also, I have just seen a scene where the Bullock's character tells a young thug that she is a member of a prayer group and the NRA.  That scene is worth the price of admission, as they say.  Of course, European and Canadian weenies would scoff, but scoffing is often lack of thought masquerading as righteousness.
The students have asked me about Americans being able to have guns.  Till me, they have never heard an argument for being able to own guns and to defend yourself from bad people and bad government.

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