Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday in Wuxi

If you are the sort that takes the weather as a personal affront, that you will not like the fact that it is raining in Wuxi today.
The VPN is wonderful this morning.  I have been able to upload two videos to Youtube (one of which is in the previous entry).
Tony is putting toy construction blocks together instead of tearing them apart as he had been doing.
When he wants milk, Tony says Nai-Nai (or Nye-Nye).  When he has to use the bathroom, he says pee-pee or poo-poo.
At the Dico's Chicken Restaurant near our school, a bunch of teenagers are gathering in the manner of children hanging out at a Seven-Eleven in Canada.  They are engaged in horseplay and vandalism (Mentioning this has shown me how "tolerant" some people can be).  Why can't China's police-state apparatus move them on?
Perhaps they will.
Can you daunt a person?
Chuck Norris fought Bruce Lee in a movie.  I didn't know that.  As well, this movie was set in Rome.

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